Becky J

Really enjoy the friendly and welcoming atmosphere of Lauren’s classes, that suit all levels of ability. The classes finish with a great relaxation session. Lauren focuses on moves that really help with the aches and pains of modern life.






Edith De K

Lauren is a brilliant Yoga teacher helping you building strength and toning your body as well as her classes being enjoyable. Would recommend her to all.





Samantha J

I love Lauren’s Yoga classes. I do her Vinyasa Flow and Hatha classes at Cliffords and she explains clearly what we need to do, from beginners level upwards. Her Hatha class is only 45 minutes but somehow she manages it so that it doesn’t feel any different from an hours class. I love her use of the Tibetan Bowl too. Highly recommended!


Frances B

Lauren is is a great teacher, and it is clear from her instruction and knowledge that she has spent many years developing her practice and knowledge. She has a really calm and genuine way. I highly recommend her classes for both beginners and experienced yogis, Lauren will make sure everybody benefits from her class and leaves feeling lighter! Thanks Lauren:-)


Adam I

Lauren guided me through Yoga classes with other participants at my Disability Support Centre in Diamond Creek, Victoria for several years.She helped me relax and enjoy gentle physical exercise in a calm and happy way.
I really liked Lauren and recommend her.


Jean L

Lauren taught a class of ladies Tai Chi at Leith Park/Liscombe House where I live. I found this class to be very beneficial and I looked forward to it every week as it was so relaxing and very peaceful.


Clint E

Deepest gratitude for your crystal work, adding to my personal development. This process is effortless but powerful in the results that come from it. You have added to my self awareness and internal sense of calm. I gained from a profound biblical experience and uncovered deep seated conditioning I was unaware of. I highly recommend crystal dreaming to anyone that is awake and on the path becoming the best version of themselves.

Marnie M

For a beginner just starting Yoga, Lauren made the experience extremely enjoyable for me! She allowed me to go at a pace I felt comfortable, whilst still encouraging me to challenge myself! Lauren’s energy is fantastic throughout the whole class, she is welcoming & bubbly, and explained everything from start to finish! Highly recommend a class with Lauren, whether you are a beginner or more experienced 


Nicky T

A truly dedicated instructor. A beautiful class every time.



Vinyasa – Tues 6-7pm (GMT)

Yin with Mindfulness – Weds 8.30-9.30pm (GMT)

Hatha – Fri 10-11am (GMT)

3 Classes a week – £12

2 Classes a week £10

1 Class a week £7

To register please contact
I will send you payment options and the Zoom link.

Tuesdays - Vinyasa

Vinyasa Yoga is an uplifiting practice – uniting movement with the breath.

Each week we come together over Zoom to release tension from our bodies and minds.

Clear guidance will be given within a friendly and supportive community.

Fridays - Hatha

Give yourself a positive start to the day with this morning hatha yoga class.

Increase the energy flow through our whole system – our bodies feel more supple, our minds feel clearer and emotions are calmer. 


Weds 8.30 – 9.30pm (GMT)

Many styles of yoga practiced now are dynamic ‘Yang’ styles – which work the muscles.

For a truly balanced being – this style of yoga allows us to work the other half – the deeper tissues of our ligamnets, joints and fascia.

In this practice we combine Yin with Mindfulness – rounding off a complete mind, body, spirit weekly practice.

To register for this class or any of the others – please contact
I will send you payment options and the Zoom link.


How I can be of benefit to you

I AM A YOGA INSTRUCTOR - Yoga is a lifestyle choice - one which I am constantly learning and growing. I have enjoyed staying at ashrams and monasteries across the world learning from the great teachings. I have experienced first-hand what a calm mind can unveil for us. To find out about more please read on...

Since completing my Vinyasa Yoga training in 2016 I have been lucky to have had the opportunities to teach a wide array of students from various groups within the community. I have taught yoga to adults with a learning disability, elderly residents in a care facility, youths and adults at a drug and alcohol rehabilitation unit and running my own regular classes at dance and yoga studios.

As I have experience working with different levels of abilities my yoga classes are structured around the students, ensuring they are reaching towards their potential in a safe, nurtured environment.

My classes are often accompanied by my trusted Tibetan singing bowl which I like to use to aid meditation at the end of a session.

You can book a private one-to-one or small group yoga session with me from £40 per hour.


I AM A CRYSTAL DREAMING FACILITATOR... Do you feel you are holding yourself back from a more fulfilling life? Are you curious to discover more about who you really are? Would you like to experience something outside of this time and space? If so - please read on...

I first discovered Crystal Dreaming in Melbourne, Australia. Intrigued by the suggestion of meeting my spirit guides and having a magical healing through the use of crystals I wanted to try it. I enjoyed the experience, it was nothing like I had experienced before and I set the intention that whilst progressing deeper into my own inner work I was going to eventually enter into the training myself.

Crystal dreaming originates from Byron Bay Australia, it uses the ancient knowledge of crystals respectfully placed in a mandala around your head to allow your consciousness to gently shift. With guidance from myself, your facilitator, you are fully conscious in your own inner journey. This non-contact technique offers a safe space to release and remove blockages that inhibit spiritual development. From past life trauma, self-defeating belief patterns and emotional impediments to clearing all energies not totally aligned with unconditional love. Crystal Dreaming works on the spirit level to help you access your own inner guidance.

Once the manifested challenges have been resolved it is possible to connect with your true self which is infinite and powerful and in a constant state of absolute bliss. You may encounter spirit guides, request your life-plan and facilitate deep healing to mention just a few.

To ensure you gain the most from this experience you will remain in dialogue with me throughout the session. Requests and affirmations will be repeated and I will be regularly communicating with you regarding what you are perceiving on your journey.

The results from Crystal Dreaming can be profound and as you have entered an altered state of consciousness it is advisable to have something to eat or drink before setting off on your journey home.

I trained with the Master of Crystal dreaming himself Raym Richards and the training was very enlightening and healing. For further information on the technique please open this link

I am a qualified Crystal Dreaming Facilitator bringing the unique healing experience from Byron Bay, Australia to Nottingham, England. After experiencing huge shifts in perspective whilst engaging in several sessions of crystal dreaming I feel drawn to share this with others.

Crystal Dreaming can be up to 1 hour 30mins in the journey itself.

I allow 2 hours for each booking to cover this and consultation.

These 2 hour sessions are usually £80.

I’m offering a special introductory price of £40 for your first session

– 50% off!

For further enquiries please contact me on 07857 383633 or via email

I AM AN ENERGY HEALER... I like to practice what I preach and trust my own experiences rather than go on hearsay. That is why all the modalities that I share with others are those which I have benefitted from personally. Reiki being one of these – to find out more read on...

I was initiated as a Reiki healer by my wonderful spiritual teacher in Melbourne, Australia. After receiving reiki healings from her over time I could feel and see the changes that were happening within myself and therefore my life.

The training was a turning point and soon I began giving energy healings from a local wellbeing centre. Channelling healing energy to others is just as rewarding as receiving them and hearing of their personal experiences can be exhilarating.

Reiki is a gentle non-invasive healing modality which uses the practitioner as a channel to direct healing energy to the client. It is done fully clothed and the client is often left feeling relaxed and nurtured.

Reiki with me is £30 for an hour session